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Tubbs Flex Trk 24 Snowshoeing Kit

Tubbs Flex Trk 24 Snowshoeing Kit

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Tubbs designed the Flex TRK Snowshoe Kit to be an ideal entry-level and intermediate-level snowshoe getup. It isn't decked out with all the extra bells and whistles; it's a great basic snowshoe for enjoying the fresh air on the snowpacked trails outside town. This kit includes Tubbs' Flex TRK Snowshoes, two lightweight collapsible poles, and gaiters to keep the snow out of your boots. Just toss this kit in your car's trunk, fill your thermos with some tasty tea to enjoy on the hilltop, and head for the hills.

Multi-purpose snowshoe kit for hiking through deep snow
180 EZ binding rotates for an effortless and comfy hike
Flex Deck with Tubbs Toe Crampon and Traction Rails for grip
Heel lift assists with steeper terrain
Includes adjustable poles and bag

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